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We offer many services to help keep your pet looking and feeling great!
At Stinky's Kittens & Doggies Too we offer the utmost in care and concern for your pet.
Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Service

A full groom of your dog occurs in the following steps:

  • Pet is brushed and pre-clipped
  • The ears are cleaned with an all-natural ear wash and the toe nails are
  • Pet is bathed using natural shampoos and conditioner ( if necessary )
  • Forced air dried or kennel dried
  • Final clipping and brush-out

Cat Grooming Service

A full groom of your cat occurs in the following steps:

  • Pet's coat and attitude is evaluated for grooming.
  • Pet's nails are trimmed, eyes cleaned and ears cleaned
  • Coat brushed out
  • Bathed in natural shampoos
  • Forced Air Dried ( depending upon attitude ) and kennel dried
  • Final brushout
Cat in Bag

Cat & Small Animal Sitting Service

  • One on one interview with owner and pet(s) ( only for new clients
    or old clients with new pet sitters )
  • Approx. 15 to 30 min with your pet(s)
  • Cage and litterbox maintenance
  • Fresh water & food every day
  • Optional 2 visits per day
  • Optional Medication handling ( pills, shots, and special diets )
  • Indoor plants care
  • Bring mail and any packages
news paper delivery

Home Delivery Service

  • For purchases over $25.00
  • Somerville and border areas free
  We strive to provide excellent service at a fair price.
Should you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us